Each partnership is carefully constructed to maximize the benefit to both parties.

We’ll work together to craft simple, effective, clear terms, processes, and marketing that will integrate seamlessly with your existing business.

We’ll provide top-notch services that will address, and alleviate, your client’s most imminent stressors. 

We partner with,

  • multifamily buildings 

  • Seattle based companies

  • assisted living facilities 

  • indivudal real estate agents

  • individuals with referral networks


The partner purchases a lump sum of hours that are offered to their clients, free of charge.

For example,

  • a multifamily building advertises that if you live here, someone will unpack and setup your apartment for free

  • a Seattle based company advertises if you work here, you’ll have a personal assistant on-call to tend your personal affairs

  • an assisted living facility advertises that if your loved one lives here, they’ll have someone to help them with difficult tasks 


The partner refers our services and earns a share of the profit.

For example,

  • the leasing agent at a multifamily building refers our services and earns a portion of the profit

  • a multifamily building includes our promotional materials in their move-in packet and earns a portion of the profit 

  • a real estate agent refers our services and earns a portion of the profit