recycling pointers

- recycling must be loose,

it’s okay to leave labels on containers

- ignore previous arrow symbols and numbers on containers

- containers must be cleaned, rinsed and emptied

- cardboard must be broken down and less than 3’x3’

these items can now be recycled!

- aluminum foil

- plastic, plant containers

- bubblewrap

contrary to popular beliefs, these things cannot be recycled

- takeout containers

- plastic coated cardboard

- soiled paper products (food stained, used paper towels, etc.)

- broken glass

- lids and caps

- bubble envelopes

how to properly dispose of common household items

- packing peanuts/ styrofoam— if you’re unable to reuse them, donate them to your neighborhood shipping company

- prescriptions— pharmacies or local law enforcement offices, see a complete list, by city, here

- lightbulbs— King Country’s Take It Back Network, Bartell Drugs, Ikea, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or a King County Transfer Station

- holiday lights— recycle them at one of the businesses/ organizations list here

- batteries & electronic waste— E-Cycle Washington

- hazardous chemicals/ cleaners—hazardous waste centers or meet the Wastemobile, check here for a list of all hazardous waste centers

- latex paint— King Country’s Take It Back Network, dried, latex based paints can be disposed of in your normal garbage, while oil based paints, and all other lacquers, varnishes, and strippers, must be disposed of at a hazardous waste center

- plastic bags & film— recycle them, click here for a complete list of partners

- dry cleaning hangers— bring them back to your dry cleaner

- mattresses— donate it The Salvation Army, Spring Back Mattress Recycling, Desert Industries

where to shred confidential documents

- Fedex

- Staples

- Iron Mountain

- a list of local providers is available here

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