How do I schedule a new booking?

Book online, or call, text, or email us.


How do I schedule a free consultation?

Book online, or call, text, or email us.


How do I schedule a same-day booking?

Please call, text, or email us.


How many hours should I book?

If you’d like our recommendation, give us a call, or book a free consultation for a quote.


Will I receive a booking confirmation?

You’ll receive a booking confirmation via email, immediately after booking.


Will I receive an appointment reminder?

Set your own reminder preferences upon booking. We offer both email (24-hours prior) and text message reminders (1-hour prior).


Is there a minimum requirement?

Our minimum booking requirement, for all onsite bookings, is 2-hours.


What areas are serviced?

Currently, we serve the Greater Seattle Area. A complete list of serviced zip codes can be found in our footer. If your zip code is not included, we’d still be happy to help, they’ll just be a small, additional fee.


What are the hours of operation?

7 days a week, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm daily.




What if I need to reschedule my booking?

To reschedule your booking, please do so using the link in your booking confirmation email, or contact us directly. To avoid payment in full, changes must be made 36-hours prior to your scheduled service.


What if I need to cancel my booking for a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not allow refunds.




How do I pay?

On booking.


What payment forms are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards.


What do taxes and fees include?

State sales tax and a 3% credit card processing fee.


What will the charge show up as?

Streamline Seattle.


How are offsite tasks, like errands, billed?

By the hour. When working offsite, we’ll set mutual priorities and expectations to ensure that our time is spent exactly how you’d like.


How are reimbursements handled?

If the tasks we’re helping with require payment, we ask that you prepay the vendor directly, pay the vendor over the phone, or send your service provider with a credit card, or cash, to cover the cost.


How are costs, like parking, mileage, and Good-To-Go fees handled?

All fees are invoiced following your service. Mileage incurred while running errands will be invoiced at $.58/gallon, and is measured by miles ‘out of the way’. Parking and Good-To-Go fees are incurred will be invoiced in full.


How does it work if a 3rd party (like an employer) is paying for my service?

Simply book using their credit card information. 




How do I contact my service provider?

Call, or text us, and we’ll get your message to your service provider.


How will my service provider allocate their time?

However, you’d like. We’ll begin by setting mutual priorities and expectations to ensure that our time is spent exactly how you’d like.


What if I want to add time to my booking, the day of?

If your service provider is available, and the additional time falls within our hours of operation, you’re welcome to schedule additional hours directly with your service provider. Additional hours will invoiced. 


How involved do I need to be in the process?

However involved you’d like to be.


What if I won’t be home to let my service provider in?

No problem, just note this when booking and we’ll sort through the details.


Are Streamline Seattle’s service providers background checked?

Yes. All team members have been scrupulously interviewed, background checked, and have received extensive training.


What if I’d like help with something that isn’t listed?

Ask us. If we aren’t able to help, we’ll refer you to someone who can.


What organizing products will my Streamliner have on hand, in case we need them?

We’ll provide rags and a multipurpose cleaning product, trash bags, various sized plastic baggies, and sticky notes. If you need anything beyond these items, please make arrangements with us beforehand, or have them onhand for your appointment.


How do I tip my Streamliner?

First off, thank you! You’re welcome to tip directly in cash, or by adding it directly to your online booking.


What if I’m unhappy with my services?

Contact us, and we’ll make it right.




How are design services charged?

Like all of our services, our design services are purchased by the hour.


Does Streamline Seattle order product?

We’re happy to place client orders, but all orders will be paid directly by the client.


Does Streamline Seattle receive designer discounts?

At this time, we do not receive designer discounts. In order to maintain affordable design services, we do not place client orders through our business, and instead, give our clients the option to order product themselves, or have us order, on their behalf.


What if an order placed by Streamline Seattle arrives incorrectly, or not at all?

If we’ve correctly placed an order, and it arrives incorrectly, or not at all, we’ll happily follow-up with the vendor, at our normal, hourly rate.


How are phone calls, text messages, and follow-up emails billed?

Please remember our time is our business. If you’re asking us questions, or for our opinions or suggestions, or requesting revisions, we’ll provide up to 15 minutes on-the-house, and anything beyond that, will be billed at our normal $44/ hour rate.