Help Around the House


  • help decide what clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry to keep
  • decide, and clarify, what should go where
  • fold, hang, and put everything away
  • organize shoes, jewelry, and accessories
  • shop for organizational products
  • provide organizational ideas and solutions to optimize the space
  • move rarely worn items to longterm storage areas
  • switch out closets seasonally
  • arrange charitable donations for unwanted items


  • put things away
  • determine a precise home for everything
  • donate and toss unneeded things
  • determine where overflow items should go
  • provide creative storage solutions that will integrate easily into your life
  • determine systems to maintain longterm organization
  • source products to better organize your things
  • share techniques and tips to help control clutter
  • reduce email by unsubscribing from mailing lists, & toss junk mail


  • sort through items and determine what should stay, what belongs inside, and what to get rid of
  • organize and containerize storage items in bins
  • organize holiday decorations
  • organize household tools and yard/ gardening equipment
  • sort through misc. parts and pieces to determine if they’re still needed
  • organize sports equipment and kid’s things
  • suggest, and source, organizing products
  • sweep out garage, wipe down bins and shelves
  • clean out garage fridges and freezers


  • sort and file paperwork and mail
  • tidy cords
  • update and synch technology
  • update and synch paper and online calendars
  • organize office supplies and recycle used printer ink cartridges
  • suggest office organizing products
  • organize memorabilia
  • organize photographs and create photo albums
  • create paperwork organization systems
  • unsubscribe from emails and junk mail


  • reconfigure/ reorganize things to optimize the space
  • help determine what to keep
  • suggest, and source, organizing products to utilize unused space
  • provide out of the box solutions to gain space
  • coordinate charitable donations
  • shift things to longterm storage areas
  • obtain an offsite storage facility and coordinate the moving of items
  • share techniques and tips to maintain small space organization


  • reconfigure/ reorganize cabinets so everything is easily accessible
  • sort through your pantry, fridge, and freezer to pull expired items
  • wipe down interior and exterior cabinets, drawers, and shelves
  • match tupperware containers and lids
  • clarify where appliances should be stored
  • sort through and organize junk drawers
  • declutter countertops
  • suggest products to maximize space
  • help determine what to keep and what is excess